From Humble Beginnings to Episcopal Leadership: The Inspiring Journey of Bishop Samuel Godson

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Jul 08, 2024By Emikueen Concept

Bishop Samuel Godson, a beacon of faith and dedication, was born on September 6, 1979, in Gomoa Brofoyedur near Agona Swedru, to Madam Cecelia Andam and Mr. Kojo Doomson.

His Lordship, Bishop Samuel Godson
His Lordship, Bishop Samuel Godson

His journey from a small town to becoming a distinguished leader in the Christian community is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his faith and his passion for evangelism.

A Divine Calling
Samuel Godson's spiritual journey began in August 1998, at a crusade organized by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal at Independence Square in Accra. It was at this event that he accepted Christ Jesus into his life. This profound experience led him to join the Charismatic Renewal movement, where he enrolled in their spiritual training program, LIFE IN THE SPIRIT SEMINARY (L.S.S.), for three transformative months.

Early Evangelism and Ministry
Upon graduating from the seminary, Samuel’s fervor for soul-winning saw him joining the evangelism team of the movement. He and his team were responsible for outreach programs in towns around Gomoa for a period of four years, passionately spreading the gospel and touching countless lives with their message.

Journey with Winners Chapel International
Driven by a desire to expand his ministry, Samuel transitioned to Winners Chapel International. There, he immersed himself in their Basic and Leadership course at the WORD OF FAITH BIBLE INSTITUTE (WOFBI). His dedication and zeal were soon recognized, and he was appointed as an associate pastor. Samuel continued to participate in various evangelism and soul-winning programs, further cementing his commitment to spreading the word of God.

Leadership at Winners Chapel Ghana
Samuel’s journey then took him to Winners Chapel Ghana, where he served as an associate pastor at the Mallam branch in Accra. His years of service were marked by significant contributions to the church's growth and spiritual development.

Academic and Administrative Excellence at Living Faith Theological Seminary
In 2010, Samuel joined Living Faith Theological Seminary to further his theological education, earning a Diploma in Practical Ministry. That same year, he was ordained, marking a pivotal moment in his ministry. As one of the pioneers of the Accra campus, he became its first administrator. His leadership and dedication were instrumental in the seminary's growth and development. 

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When Apostle and Mrs. Wilson were on international assignment, Samuel stepped in as acting Bishop and Principal, ensuring the continuity and stability of the institution. His role extended beyond administration; as Very Reverend, he ordained and consecrated ministers at sister institutions in Tema, Bekwai, Ahwia Nkwata, and other seminaries.

Long-Standing Commitment to Living Faith Ministries
Samuel's unwavering commitment to Living Faith Ministries is reflected in his long tenure as an associate pastor in Accra and as a branch pastor at Old Barrier - Weija, Accra. His dedication earned him elevation to senior pastor and subsequently to Very Reverend, a position he held for ten years. Currently, he serves as the head of admissions and a lecturer at Living Faith Theological Seminary, shaping the next generation of spiritual leaders. 

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International Ministerial Missions
Samuel's influence extends beyond Ghana. He has traveled to Abuja, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Dubai on ministerial missions, spreading his message of faith and dedication internationally.

Consecration as Bishop
The pinnacle of Samuel Godson's spiritual journey was his consecration as Bishop on Saturday, July 6, 2024, during the 23rd Graduation and Ordination Ceremony at Living Faith Theological Seminary, Accra. This esteemed elevation is a recognition of his lifelong dedication to ministry and his unwavering commitment to spiritual leadership.

A Bible and a magnifying glass are placed on a wooden table after praying to God Christian religious ritual and belief in the teachings of God. Ideas for praying to God with teachings from the Bible

Vision for the Future
As Bishop, Samuel Godson envisions a future where the church continues to grow in spiritual depth and community engagement. He aims to lead with compassion and wisdom, guiding his congregation towards fulfilling their divine purpose.


Bishop Samuel Godson's journey from Gomoa Brofoyedur to becoming a Bishop is a remarkable story of faith, dedication, and leadership. His contributions to the church, both locally and internationally, have left an indelible mark on the lives of many. As he steps into his new role, we look forward to the incredible impact he will continue to have on the Christian community.

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